Code of Conduct and Ethics

All employees are expected to act in an ethical and professional manner. At no time are "bribes" or "Quid Pro Quo" (this for that) from vendors, clients or co-workers acceptable. All work is to be done in a professional manner inducement to perform in less than professional manner is not permitted.

Professional manner is considered using all the right tools and processes for the job at hand and being courteous and considerate to co-workers, clients and vendors. Never is swearing or theft from a client, co-worker, employer or vendor or placing anyone in an unsafe situation considered professional. Ethical is considered non-acceptance bribes or favors in lieu of work and using only the processes and methods that a considered "right" for the job. Short-cuts in that could harm the equipment, the value of the product or endanger to client is never acceptable.


In order to secure a healthy and prosperous organization that will continue to provide work for its employees, competitive proprietary information must be kept secure. (ATY) and its clients records, forms, client and vendor information, procedures for conducting business, and pricing confidential and proprietary.

At no time should any ATY or client information i.e. name, address, phone or access information be given to anyone other than a company representative for company business. All wholesale pricing is considered confidential as well as methods of quoting are considered confidential along with any vendor pricing. All company developed forms, software and procedures are considered confidential and may not to be discussed with competitors or anyone outside the Company. At no time is the reproduction or downloading of information that relates to the pricing, clients or vendors permitted unless authorized by management.

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